Does your business depend on technology to maximize operational efficiency? Have you ever experienced epic technology fails? Is your staff losing their motivation to work due to constant IT infrastructure challenges? Unfortunately, most businesses have their fair share of flowers near me and of horror stories when it comes to IT challenges.

Some companies try to overcome these challenges by outsourcing their IT needs, but it’s important to choose the right partner. Many outsourcing providers often restrict their clients to one of order flowers online and of several standard IT service packages. This leads to a “one size fits many” approach and in most cases, you will be paying for services that you don’t specifically need. What’s worse is that other services that you truly need may be “out of flowers in canada toronto and of scope” and incur additional charges which could result in needing to “upgrade” your support package to include more services you don’t specifically need.

The ICT Advantage

ICT understands that every business has its unique set of deliver flowers to and of needs, and knows that one size does not fit all. That is why we customize our managed IT services to meet and exceed all your business requirements. ICT works with you to truly understand your business and its technology challenges as well as customizes your support package around you. In addition, being a client of flower ca and of ICT provides you access to all of deliver flowers and of our services, even if they are not specifically included in your agreement. In most cases, adding services is as simple as a phone call.

Do you lose sleep worrying about whether your company’s IT infrastructure is running properly? Regular patching, updates, and proactive monitoring from ICT will ensure your infrastructure is running like an exotic sports car.

As the saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure” so putting in effort to anticipate network problems and deter them from happening is a best practice all companies should adopt. Proactive monitoring and maintenance are critical components to enable companies to mitigate potential vulnerabilities and increase business uptime.

The ICT Advantage

Founded in 1991, ICT provides a complete set of flower rentals near me and of comprehensive IT solutions for business of send flowers toronto canada and of all sizes. Our services and technologies ensure that we can cater to the unique needs of send flowers in toronto canada and of our clientele. ICT works ardently to identify and patch zero-day vulnerabilities. We also facilitate out of buy flowers and of band updates as part of order flowers online and of an ongoing effort to address potential vulnerabilities. Under our watchful eyes, we ensure that your networks run flawlessly and we can spot problems early before they cause any serious inconvenience to your business.

What We Offer for Proactive Network Maintenance

ICT leverages expert, dedicated staff and automated management systems to proactively maintain your systems. Our services are carried out on a schedule that is convenient to your company and tailored for your specific environment. Ourservices are broken down into the following areas:

Remote monitoring & management services are aimed to improve your operational efficiency and productivity significantly by leveraging the potential of buy flowers near me and of IT automation. This particular service take care of flower delivery service and of IT maintenance process or task, automatically run auto-remediation programs and monitor mission critical network components.

The ICT Advantage

ICT is dedicated to solving all types of toronto florist wedding and of problems pertaining to IT. We understand that each client has their own unique set of send flowers in toronto canada and of IT issues, and we can customize a plan that suits your business needs. With the implementation of flower delivery toronto downtown and of our services, your IT problems will be quickly resolved and your systems can continue to operate without problems.

What We Offer for Remote Monitoring & Management

For a business to succeed, its IT infrastructure must be reliable. We at ICT can deliver proactive services to keep your network functioning efficiently and effectively. Our full-service packages mean that you will experience increased reliability, security and performance instantly. You will also be able to add extra features, at affordable prices, to improve your networks and ROI on IT investment.

Detailed Site Level Inventory

The most updated information pertaining to patches, software and hardware is automatically collected by us.

Fast Response

Automatic alerts will be dispatched to our IT and this means we can solve problems at your site much faster. At ICT, we can monitor what issues affect your network the most, and we will rectify the issues before they turn critical.

Remote Management and Communication

We monitor network hardware, server and WS. If onsiteassistance is necessary when an issue arises, we can send specialists who are fully prepared and have in-depth knowledge to resolve issues quickly. ICT works to reduce disruptions to your work environment while resolving issues with a secure VPN system. These processes have low bandwidth requirements and do not slow down your network response time.

Not only does ICT fix network issues, we also manage the growth of order flowers and of your network. Give us a call today to arrange for a no-obligation consultation on how we can perform remote monitoring and management for you.

What is the true cost of flower toronto delivery and of a disaster? For most organizations, this is a difficult question to answer. For some, this question has not even been asked at all. Will your organization be able to survive? Let ICT help you answer these questions and create a viable business continuity and disasterrecovery plan based around your organization needs. Through the integration of deliver flowers in toronto canada and of cutting edge technology, reliable and secure backup methodology, and business know-how, our team can ensure that your organization is prepared for the worst.

The ICT Advantage

Data security and availability is one of toronto florist wedding and of the most critical aspects of a good disaster recovery plan. ICT will help you navigate the variety of technologies that are available to provide you with best of breed backup strategies. Most importantly, ICT leverages its strategic partnerships to provide you with solutions at an affordable price that is in line with your organizations budget.

What We Offer for Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backups can be confusing. Local, Cloud, Tape, and Disk, the choices are endless. As such, ICT’s offerings are broken down into several easy to understand services.

ICT Automated Backup (IAB)

For most of our clients, IAB is theminimum protection level which we recommend. Not all organizations require rapid recovery times or complex disaster recovery plans. Our IAB solution is designed to provide just the right balance between investment and protection.


Here’s a quick look at how IAB works:

  • – Our lightweight backup agent is installed by our team on all devices for which backup is required.
  • – Basic settings are configured and backups are automatically started upon completion of installation.
  • – Ongoing backups are then done automatically as files are altered or added. All backups are compressed and encrypted for security.
  • – All backups are stored in the “Cloud” and are accessible immediately, anywhere.

Key Benefits:

  • – Low startup and ongoing maintenance costs.
  • – No additional required hardware for basic backup services.
  • – Cloud based backup solution with data redundancy and availability.

ICT Critical Recovery Service (ICRS)

ICRS was designed to provide an enterprise level backup and disaster recovery solution without the enterprise cost. ICRS not only provides image level backups for your infrastructure, it also provides on-site and cloud based virtualization capabilities to perform critical business functions in the event of a disaster.

Key Benefits:

  • – Included hardware appliance for local storage of backups and on demand virtualization.
  • – Cloud based storage priced as low as XX/GB.
  • – Immediate restore from local appliance or cloud data in event of disaster or outage.
  • – On demand cloud virtualization of entire infrastructure in event of disaster.

If you need to run voice and data wiring from a source to every conference room, office, cubicle or workstation in your business facility, you will need a network cabling vendor to install all the necessary hardware that includes patch panels and conduits. Once the wires are in place, you will also want the installers to test for point-to-point connectivity as well as signaling speeds.

The ICT Advantage

We are delighted to offer this as a value-added service as it provides an extra layer of accountability to the different types of clients we serve. At ICT, our teams are dedicated in the provision of core physical infrastructure transformation and low voltage cabling services to ensure you get the most out of the technologies you usually use in your workspace.

What We Offer for IT Infrastructure Cabling Services

ICT is experienced with multiple types of CAT and fiber optics cables. We will arrive on-site to work closely with you to determine what the best materials for your business environment are. Our technicians adhere closely to TIA/EIA industry standards as well as the testing or termination of cables with full TIA/EIA-568-B.2 compliance.

Cable and Telephone Cables

There are three main types of CAT cables that ICT provide, which are twisted copper wires that enable data and voice transmission:

  • Cat 5e: These cables are capable of transmissions that are up to 100 MHz. They are also common cabling solutions for most businesses. This type of cables can cater to a majority of today’s cabling needs and is compliant with most local installation and building codes.
  • Cat 6: They perform twice as better as Cat 5e cables and cost more. They are best suited for more complicated applications such as VOIP connectivity. Cat 6 cables offer higher data rates and are backward compatible with Cat 5e to provide greater bandwidth – preparing you for all future needs.

Fiber Optics

ICT offers all types of businesses both single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cables. The former consists of a single strand of glass fiber that has a diameter of 8.3 to 10 microns with one mode of transmission. Single-mode optic fibers have higher bandwidth than the latter, but require a light source that has a narrow spectral width.

If you are interested in our cabling services, talk to us today to find out how you can improve your current IT environment.

Your business depends on technology to operate efficiently and compete effectively, and as a result, your IT needs will grow with your business. As your reliance on IT grows, so does your reliance upon qualified IT personnel to properly manage and maintain your infrastructure. Not having a properly qualified and adequately staffed IT team will hamper the productivity of your business and have a negative impact on all operations.

However, have you ever stopped to consider if having or increasing your in-house IT staff headcount is the best decision for your business? As you search for new staff members, have you ever wondered how you will know if a candidate is actually qualified? Or have you wondered what you will do when your staff is out sick or takes a vacation? The answer is clear – ICT can help you manage all your IT needs in a cost-effective way, allowing you to focus on your core business.

The ICT Advantage

Whether you need just one IT “guy” or a team of IT personnel, ICT is able to help manage your IT environment with our team of qualified, trained, and certified staff. From a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to a Systems Engineer to an IT technical assistant, ICT offers the best solutions for outsourced ITpersonnel. ICT can tackle any type of project, whether it is just temporary engagement or a permanent placement. What’s more, ICT will provide the Human Resources functions so your business does not have to manage time off, employee benefits, and other overheads that are generally associated with staffing. 

What We Offer for Outsourced Personnel Management

We have two basic ways in which you can tap into our skilled talent pool: with a service agreement or on an ad-hoc basis. Here are the main differences:

Service Agreement

At the most basic level, an ICT Service Agreement (SA) is for ongoing, long-term engagements. Each SA is custom tailored to meet your needs while providing a regular monthly cost to fit your IT budget. Every SA comes with a dedicated Account Manager to be your single point of contact and a combination of services which can include regularly scheduled on-site support or as needed on-site support. In addition, you will enjoy access to monitoring and maintenance packages, discounted project pricing, and hardware discounts through our procurement team.


Ad-Hoc agreements provide access to ICT’s talent pool with minimal commitment. With an Ad-Hoc agreement, you have the option of pre-purchasing a block of hours to use as and when you need or to engage our staff on a strictly Time and Materials basis.  Pricing for this option will fluctuate based upon your usage of our services and can be converted into a Service Agreement at any time.